• In March, 2022, the health product giants collectively “frozen” Russia, reducing or suspending the supply of local diapers, sanitary napkins and other products

    Recently, as the conflict in Ukraine continues to escalate, the United States and its Allies announced that they would impose various “penalties” on Russia, and the momentum of “freezing” Russia has also swept the diaper, sanitary napkin and other sanitary products industr...
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  • November 2021 Southeast Asia-the next sanitary product market with the most growth potential

    The global nonwoven materials and disposable sanitary products industry is growing steadily at a faster rate than the average development of the world economy. China has been leading the world for many years in a row. The belt and Road Initiative launched by China is going global, and Asia has be...
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  • The special baby swimming diapers disposable

    Are baby swim diapers on the market disposable?Many baby parents and baby natatorium owners have such doubts. Most parents of general baby diapers are not disposable to use, most people will choose to use two to three times and then abandon them. Is the special baby swimming diapers disposable? ...
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  • The 130th session of Canton Fair

    The 130th session of Canton Fair will be held from October 15th to 19th online Welcome to our Canton Fair online  studio ;pls open website and come to visit us to create business together!
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  • The development of the adult diaper market in China

    Adult diapers are disposable urinary incontinence products, one of adult care products, and a disposable diaper mainly suitable for incontinent adults. The main performance of adult diapers is water absorption, which mainly depends on the amount of fluff pulp and polymer water-absorbing agent. T...
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  • Due to restricted capability,a lot of company have to increase the price

    Last year, the Chinese government has officially announced that China aims to reach peak emissions before 2030 and achieve carbon neutrality before 2060, which means that China only has 30 years for continuous and rapid emissions cuts. To build a community of common destiny, the Chinese people ha...
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  • The 21th CBME(Children Baby Maternity Products Expo) held in Shanghai

    On the morning of July 14, the opening ceremony of the 21st CBME Maternity and Infant Exhibition was held in the North Hall of the National Convention and Exhibition Center, marking the three-day (July 14-16) maternity and infant industry event, officially kicked off .This exhibition attracted al...
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  • How to wear diapers more comfortable in summer?

    When summer coming, many families with baby will have some distress, because the temperature rises . When the temperature is high, people will want to wear as little as possible, and the thinner and more comfortable it is.  The same is true for baby. However, because baby are too young, they need...
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  • Why baby can’t wear pull-up pant too early?

    Why baby can’t wear pull-up pant too early?

    Today, technology has developed, and there are many products available to help parents lighten the burden of parenting.In the past, the older generation chose to urinate or wear diapers when taking care of children. Now, a variety of diapers and pullback pants have completely replaced the traditi...
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  • How to choose the suitable diaper for baby

    Choosing diapers for the baby is a science, diapers are indispensable for infants, direct contact with the baby’s tender skin, diapers are not selected, may cause red butts, buttocks rash and other phenomena, and even affect the growth and development of children’s leg bones. Therefo...
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  • Pulp futures price innovation high, living paper to be more expensive!

    Pulp futures price innovation high, living paper to be more expensive!Pulp futures drive spot prices, downstream paper mills overall price increases. Data from Shanghai Futures Exchange shows that as of February 25, the main pulp futures price closed at 7452 yuan/ton, up 3.18% compared with ...
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  • The 129th Canton Fair ended successfully on the website on April 24

    The 129th Canton Fair ended successfully on the website on April 24

    With the concept of “openness, cooperation, and win-win” and the theme of “Canton Jiaotong on the cloud, mutually beneficial world”, this year’s Canton Fair was successfully held online, not only to consolidate the momentum of foreign trade recovery, promote innova...
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